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TV Host, Actress and Model Assyrian Crystal Marie Denha @IamCrystalMarie

by assyriangossip

Crystal Marie Denha was born in 1984 in Detroit, Michigan to an Iraqi born Assyrian mother & father, their Christian heritage is a small minority & makes up less than 2% of Iraq. Crystal’s father played professional soccer in Iraq before immigrating to the United States in 1969. Her mother is currently a school teacher & has been educating students for over 20 years.

Crystal’s parents discovered her talent at a young age, when teachers complimented her ability to entertain classmates & suggested she join the local theater group. Soon after Crystal began performing in school plays & local theater productions, allowing her to gain valuable experience at performing in front of audiences.

After graduating high school Crystal attended Specs Howard School of Broadcast arts to help learn the ins & outs of the TV world. Immediately after graduating she packed up & drove across the country to Los Angeles, to pursue her dream of conquering the entertainment industry. Within one month of moving to LA, Crystal booked two national commercials, one for the online music store, Napster titled “do the math” & the other for Gillette titled “no more scruff”.  Her early success didn’t stop there, shortly after, she booked the lead in the Assyrian film “Cousins” which immediately helped garner her recognition within the middle eastern community, with the film selling millions of copies overseas.

Her quick wit & comedic timing have helped her to land hosting jobs for several entertainment news & action sports outlets such as Young Hollywood, ESPN, Fox News, Freedom Forum TV & experience Luxury Television.

Hosting reel for Crystal Denha. It’s sooo good, watch it!

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